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25 September 2023 - 26 September 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordic Innovation Fair 2023


At Nordic Innovation Fair, all exhibitors participate with a poster presenting their business opportunity. The posters are on show for all participants to visit throughout the day on 26 September.

IMPORTANT: You have to be available by your poster at a minimum between 11.40–12.15 for the ‘Poster Exhibition’ session, and in general as much as possible.

Poster templates for downloads

Please find the poster templates applicable for the event below. Fill out the poster template in collaboration with your TTO and choose the most suitable category for your invention:

Biotech & Pharma template

Medtech & Diagnostics template

Digital Solutions template

Greentech & Food template

Poster upload deadline

Upload your poster on ‘My Profile; Organizers Questions’ in ppt format no later than 28 August 2023.

Poster award

At Nordic Innovation Fair, there will be an award for the best poster.

Last year, in a close race, we had two winners. Click on ARDIS and Robotto Co. to see their winning posters.

Examples of posters

Click here to see examples of poster layouts.

Be aware not to change the header and footer, font size, colour, and margins and follow the instructions in the template. For content, please fill in the headlines descriptions; teams, IP-rights, etc.

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