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25 September 2023 - 26 September 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordic Innovation Fair 2023

Selection Panel
The investors listed below are part of the Selection Panel for Nordic Innovation Fair 2023, tasked with nominating the most qualified business opportunity cases to present before an expert jury panel on September 26th.

Lajla Aganovic - Head of Venture Engagement, LOGITECH International SA
Torsten Arendrup - Startup Mentor, Coop Garage amba
Antonio Avitabile - Head Strategic Technology Partnerships, Sony Europe
Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen
- Senior Advisor/Life-Sciences, Invest in Denmark - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Stefan Beerhalter
- Business Angel
Jon Berg - Partner, Sarsia Seed
Olivier Bordelanne
- Emertec Gestion SA
Willem Bulthuis - Founding Partner & CEO, Corporate Ventures Advisory
Nicole Cham - Technology Innovation and Startup Lead, Business Sweden / Nordic Innovation House Singapore
Roop Chandwani - CEO, Mazards Limited
Tony Chang
- Senior Business Developer, BioInnovation Institute
Michael Claes
- Senior Technology Manager, SABIC Ventures B.V.
Renaud Confavreux
- M2care
Jens Kristian Damsgaard - Director, OpenCircle Capital
Ruben Decoster
- Investment Associate, Finindus NV
Roland Dennert - Partner, Cipio Partners
Olivier Edwards
- Co-founder, Edwards & Praly
Cedric Favier - Venture Partner, Venturi Effect
Anton Freda
- Partner, AFK & Partners Asset Management
Alexander Sasha Galitsky - Managing Partner, Almaz Capital US
Soren Hein - Investment Partner, MIG Capital AG
Doerte Hirschberg - General Partner, Climentum Capital
Erhan Kilicozlu - Managing Partner, ACT Venture Partners
Anders Kjaer - Investment Manager, PreSeed Ventures
Kotaro Kodama
- Senior Open Innovation Manager, AGC Inc
Adam Kostyal - Head of European Listings, NASDAQ
Ewelina Kuna - Analyst; Chemistry and Environment, Icos Capital
Bernhard Leibkutsch - Owner, BHL & Co.
Olivia Lyng - Associate, Antler
Seppo Makinen
- Private Investor/Advisor
Jari Mieskonen - Managing Partner, Conor Venture Partners Oy
Erki Moelder
- Founding Partner, Health Founders
Marco Mohwinckel - Chief Commercial Officer, COMPASS Pathways & HealthTech
Aleksander Mokrecki - Investment Director, TangentLine Ventures
Stefan Mård - General Partner at Climentum Capital Climentum Capital
Rolf Nagel - Managing Partner, Munich Venture Partners
Shinichi Nikkuni
- Managing Partner, NordicNinjaVC
Steen Palle - Investment Manager, Ambolt
Kustaa Piha
- CEO and Investor in Healthcare and Medtech, Athensmed Oy
Goncalo Rebelo de Andrade
 - Indaco Venture Partners
Giovanni Rizzo - Partner & Key Manager Biotech Fund, Indaco Venture Partners
Louise Rorbaek Heiberg - Senior Investment Manager, PINC
Jan Rosenbom - Partner, Keystones
Katrin Siebenbuerger Hacki - Director, Medows Sàrl
Leesa Soulodre
- General Partner, R3i Ventures
Soren Svanebjerg - Investment Manager, Spring Nordic
Jim Totty - Managing Director, Viridis Capital
Alexander van Os - Co-Founder, Venture IQ B.V.
Joost Waeterloos -European Technology Scouting Leader, Dow
Winfried Weigel - Managing Director, Clean Tech Capital
Michael Wiatr - General Partner, Antler

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Location Industriens Hus
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Denmark 299
Finland 60
Sweden 45
Norway 25
Netherlands 9
United Kingdom 8
Germany 6
Bulgaria 5
Poland 5
Estonia 3
Singapore 3
Italy 3
France 2
United States 2
Portugal 2
Belgium 2
Luxembourg 1
Israel 1
Iceland 1
Spain 1
Canada 1
Malaysia 1
Switzerland 1
Total 486