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25 September 2023 - 26 September 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordic Innovation Fair 2023

Pitch Sessions at Nordic Innovation Fair

At Nordic Innovations Fair, a selected pool of business opportunity cases will be pitching in front of an experienced panel of international investors. A panel of investors review each case application and selects the top 30 opportunities to pitch. Please find the pitch application template here. Application deadline: 30 May 2023.

If you are interested in pitching but missed out on our webinar “How to apply for pitching", please take a look at the following materials:

  • PowerPoint presentation used during the Webinar with explanations, criteria, key dates & deadlines, steps: HERE
  • Example Filled-in Application – example on the type of information that could be included: HERE
  • Example of a Slide deck along the application: HERE
  • How to apply instructions: HERE

All applicants for pitching will be notified and receive further information ultimo June 2023.

Those selected must participate in an online pitch training course - The Pitch Academy - on 5 or 6 September 2023 in preparation of the Fair. 

Timeslots for the two days are:
September 5: 14.00-16.00
September 6: 10.00-12.00

The cases where evaluated from the following selection criteria:

  • Business potential – The potential market of customers for the presented product is attractive and the business model is strong
  • Team experience – Company/project team has skills and experience to grow the business and can work with industry & research entities
  • Product/Technology merit – Technology or product solutions developed are state-of-the-art and well advanced compared to competitors
  • Competitive position – The intellectual property of the company/project and its competences and strategic relations are outstanding
  • lnvestment or partnering interest – Offer to invest in or partner with your assigned company is well defined and attractive for interested parties
  • Project profile quality – Information available from company/project profile sheet is complete, clear, balanced and convincing, and additionally supported well by the provided visual slide deck.

Webinar that Tech Tour did on How to Pitch in Front of Investors on here.

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